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Sequin decoration were all over the dress let it seemed luxury. The upper part of the dress was sleeveless design, matched the v-neckline, low cut behind and translucent texture for the waist feature the sexy feeling. The lower part was mermaid style with translucent tulle, which was helpful to feature the curve of the hip, and made the whole body figure looked good. 
Free made-to-measurement service for any size. Available colors seen as in Color Option.

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If you want to change the color of belt, straps and three-dimensional flower of the dress, please leave us a massage when you place the order.

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Blush Prom Dress / Style 9702

Blush Prom Dress / Style 9702



she loved it. Is not so see through

Bought a small for my niece, she loved it. Is not so see through, it has a under skirt.


Five Stars

Flattering dress and good quality.


Five Stars

light material and fits well. pleasantly surprised.


I bought it for my daughter for her valentines day dance so beau

This dress is so soft and gorgeous and fits so perfectly. I bought it for my daughter for her valentines day dance so beautiful!


Great dress for the price

Dress is a nice stretchy material and very comfy fits very nicely and fitted. I am 5'2" and slender and this is fitted not tight or loose just right. Dress looks slightly more tapered in the picture than it actually is, but still nice and comfy. I will being buying more stuff from them for sure!


Five Stars



Try a new dress and get out of your comfort zone.

When it comes to dresses, I’m VERY picky. I want to make sure that I can hide my flaws but can still look phenomenal. I mean, who doesn’t like to look great in a dress? I’ve dresses where either I get them too big that I look like bigger than I already look or I get a really cute dress but it is TOO tight to wear. Even when I find the right size, I have a 50% chance that the dress will fit. It’s also hard for me to find dresses that doesn’t make me look tomboyish. So, I had my eye on Zoozie’s cocktail dress because it has that girly feeling but of course, I had my doubts. I ordered a 2XL, just in case because I want to make sure everything is covered. Now, this dress has three different colors: royal blue, burgundy wine marsala and black. I choose royal blue because it is my favorite color plus I believe the color suits me well! So this dress is very unique. It has a plus size mini that covers the jelly rolls and the muffin top! It does not look awkward at all. It gives you that hidden slim look that you have been trying to find in a dress. Of course, it may vary in opinions but I feel that it gives me a slim look. Wait, here comes the best part, it has a second layer of a light draped chiffon overlay with a beautiful hem. I was scared that it was see-through but it really isn’t. The only see-through that you will find in the dress will be the chiffon overlay. Okay, I thought I told you the best part but the neck part is my favorite part. I like to find unique clothing that stands out and screams out, “Look at me, you can’t find anything like this.” This dress says that, especially when it comes to the neck area. Yes, you find dresses with an exclusive look in the neck part but I’ve never seen any like the neck area of Zoozie’s cocktail dress. So the neckline has a gold chain around it. Think of it as a needle and thread. The thread is the dress and the needle is the gold chain so just like the needle and the thread, it is adjustable. Hopefully that doesn’t sound confusing. Now, just FYI, this dress does not have a side zipper. You just put it from the bottom and adjust. I thought this dress was going to be long since I’m 5’1 but happy dance over here, it is not! Whoo hoo! I can be able to walk in a dress and heels without tripping over my dress, hopefully, ha. Now, on the back of the dress, in the back area, it has an oval opening. It is not a huge opening that it exposes your back. Just a simple and small oval opening on the top of the dress but on the back side. No need to panic! Now, when you see the dress, to me it looks like a diamond. The sides of the dress are cut but not so cut that you are exposing your body. It may vary in other body shapes and sizes. So the top of the dress is the top of the diamond, while the sides that are cut are the middle of the diamond and the bottom of the dress will be the bottom of the diamond. That’s how it looks like it to me. Now, do a sexy hairstyle, get some very cute heels, grab some earrings and put on this dress! You will be the new kid on the block when you step out. Don’t worry, keep it fabulous because I have. Going to a romantic dinner with my husband and wearing this dress, I’ve actually felt my best. I actually felt beautiful which I don’t say that often.I enjoyed reviewing this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.


Five Stars

Fit perfect, am going to wear it with western boots.


pretty kitty

love this blouse. i wear it with black or white leggings. looks fantastic and much better than the picture when wearing it. the fit is wonderful and true to size. i wear a size 8 and it fits perfect.


fun dress

cute dress and fits well.

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